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This a responsive hugo theme using normalize.css (sass). It is material in nature and very bare boned. No javascript is used. Just straight up HTML and CSS.

Page support

There is support for the following types...

  • Posts
  • Pages

The posts will be treated as blogs and pages will be treated with a similar fashion. There is a GitHub css theme used for the markdown generated for posts and pages from markdown styles.


The following config options are available for displaying custom content...

baseurl = ""
languageCode = "en-us"
theme = "light-hugo"

title = "Light Hugo"
author = "John Doe"
copyright = "© Copyright 2016 John Doe"

  description = "Describe your website"
  email = ""
  github = "tblyler"
  twitter = "tonyblyler"
  linkedin = "johndoe"
  facebook = "johndoe"
  youtube = "johndoe"
  logo = "/images/logo.png"

You can also append your own <head> and footer elements (just before the </body>). Do so by creating layouts/partials/foot.html and layouts/partials/head.html files in your hugo directory before compilation.